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Web/Application Development

Real Time Solutions consists of a web development team who are experts in various fields of the web technology. Currently we focus our development on the following four technologies:

  • Microsoft .NET: The Microsoft .NET technology is undoubtedly one of the best web development suites available in the market. It provides a complete set of tools for design, development and testing of a web project. Real Time Solutions has been using .NET technology from the very beginning and has built up a good strength on using this technology at its full capacity.
  • PHP 5: PHP is one of the best and the most used open source programming platform for web development. PHP 5 has even been better with complete support to object orientation, exception handling, enhanced XML handling, better MySQL library and a whole lot of additional libraries. Real Time Solutions has been ahead in exploiting PHP 5 to its full capacity.
  • Ruby on Rails: Ruby on Rails (ROR) is an award winning open source rapid application development framework for Ruby. ROR has proved to be one of the best tools for building Web 2.0 applications. Real Time Solutions has understood the potential of ROR and has already sufficiently invested on it to build a team capable enough to handle projects using ROR.
  • Google Web Toolkit: Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is another open source web development framework developed by Google Inc. GWT has presented itself as a Web 2.0 AJAX development framework for creating web applications that look and behave like desktop applications. Real Time Solutions has chosen GWT as its client side development technology for building Web 2.0 compliant web applications.

We have teams who are proficient on using the following tools:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio: The one stop solution for complete development for Microsoft .NET technology. Real Time Solutions is very much comfortable on developing and testing applications using Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Eclipse: The award winning open source universal Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Real Time Solutions has been using Eclipse IDE for developing, debugging and testing applications in PHP 5, Ruby and GWT.
  • Dreamweaver: An easy to use tool for editing web pages with wide variety of features.
  • Adobe Flash: A widely popular multimedia tool for web applications. At Real Time Solutions, we are comfortable with creating animations and increasing interactivity on websites using Flash.

We, at Real Time Solutions, are very much careful on design and development of web sites. We focus on documentation of our work, use Object Oriented Programming pattern as much as possible and exploit the tools to their full extent.



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